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B. 1962 TRACEY KNOWLAND is an autodidact artist from Byron Bay, Australia. 

Formerly an occasional painter, it was only in 2015 after a suspected brain aneurism that Tracey’s prolific working period commenced and an abundance of hyper-real, green, foliage works were produced, many in large format, to the acclaim of the growing number of interior designers who commission them.  Working in oils and acrylics on gallery quality canvas or linen, Tracey draws influence from the lush subtropical environs of her home farm.

The beauty and healing power of nature, light, growth and especially resilience are recurring themes. Tracey is acutely aware of the fragility and balance of the natural world, as well as the impact of climate change, having seen her tree farm impacted in recent times by ‘catastrophic’ weather events which have pushed her and husband Stuart’s successful horticulture enterprise to the brink…


2018 - Villa Verde, Brooklet (solo)

2017 - 30 x 30 national art prize finalists exhibition, Art Piece Gallery.

2017 - TOWN Bangalow (solo)

2015 - Art House, Newrybar (group).

1999 - RAW group exhibition, Waywood Gallery Byron Bay.

1998 -  The Green Frog Gallery, Rosebank (solo).


2000 - ‘Fake Fur and the Fuller Figure’ - RAW Regional Art’s and Writers Diary 

1999 - ‘A Dance in the Sorry Garden’ - RAW Regional Art’s & Writers Diary 



'AMARA FOLIAGE RANGE'  Designer Boys Collections.  

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2017 - Finalist Art Piece national 30 x 30 Art Prize

2017 - Award of Special Merit (x 2) for 'Dappled Palm' & 'The Beauty Within',  international Botanicals Art Competition, Light, Space & Time Gallery (Fine Art America).

2008 -  RIRDC Rural Woman of the Year NSW

2000 - ‘Mixed Blessings for Norma Rose’ - Shortlisted Lismore City Art Prize (portraiture) 

1999 - ‘The Nightwatchman’ - People’s Choice Award – Rosebank Art Prize 


Atkinson Collection Gallery, Chicago, USA

Villa Verde Gallery Australia

Art Piece Gallery Australia

TOWN Bangalow

Luther & Co. Newrybar

Art House, Newrybar

Lismore Regional Gallery

Eltham Village Gallery

Green Frog Gallery, Rosebank

Biography of Work

Circa 1998-1999;

Fake Fur and the Fuller Figure - oil on canvas

The Nightwatchman - oil on canvas

Tabula Rasa - oil on canvas 

Bums on Belongil - acrylic on paper

The Pipe Dream - acrylic on paper

A Dance in the Sorry Garden - gouache on paper

Mixed Blessings for Norma Rose - gouache on paper

Subtropical Christmas Series #1 to #4 - gouache illustrations on paper

Bilby Series #1 to #3 - gouache illustrations on paper


A Fine Balance - acrylic on paper

Get A Grip - acrylic on paper

Abundance - oil on canvas

Paradise - oil on canvas

The Bounty - oil on canvas

Sun Ripened - oil on canvas

The Shedding - oil on canvas

Leafy Greens - oil on canvas

Arum - oil on canvas

The Growing Season - triptych - oil on canvas

Red Ginger Sunrise - triptych oil on canvas 

Understory Glory - oil on canvas


Into the Light - oil on canvas

Evening Falls - oil on canvas

Banana Flower - oil on canvas

Angophora - oil on canvas

Palm Square - oil on canvas

Monstera - oil on canvas

Foliage a Trois - oil on canvas

Cross My Heart - oil on canvas

Phoenix - oil on canvas

Bambusa - oil on canvas

Dappled Palm - oil on canvas

Time's a Revelator - oil on canvas

Midnight in the Garden - oil on canvas

Light on Lotus - diptych oil on canvas

Fiddle Leaf Fig - diptych oil on canvas

La Vida Verde - acrylic on canvas

Life Grows On - acrylic on canvas

Larger Than Life - acrylic on Canvas

The Ripening - glazed acrylic on canvas

Trinity - glazed acrylic on canvas

After the Storm - glazed acrylic on linen

Swaying in the Breeze - glazed acrylic on canvas


The Beauty Within - glazed acrylic on canvas

The Sunlit Venus - glazed Acrylic on Canvas

Red Bridge, Orquevaux - glazed acrylic on canvas

Le Castel d'Orquevaux - ink and watercolour on canvas

Morning Light, Orquevaux - glazed acrylic on canvas

Where the Light Gets In - ink and watercolour on canvas

The Loveletter - ink and watercolour on canvas

Special Morning Price - glazed Acrylic on Linen

Promise of Things to Come - glazed acrylic on canvas triptych

The Remnant - glazed oil on canvas

Last Light, Brooklet - glazed oil on canvas


Billabong at Federal - oil on canvas